IMIK Technology presents the most advanced 3D printer to you – IMIK3DP which works on FDM Technology. After the recent development in our printer, it has been reviewed as the best 3D printer by several trustworthy sources. It’s safe to be used by children, home users, and for educational purposes. IMIK3DP uses PLA filament for printing. Bondtech extruder gears ensure steady and accurate feed rates without slipping due to its unique dual gear design with an excellent tolerance for 1.75mm filament which guarantees high-quality printing. The all-new IMIK3DP delivers the quietest sound levels compared to any other 3D printer on the market, all while delivering the powerful features of previous control boards such as resume print. It gives the easiest auto-leveling ever offered by other 3D printers. It has a 4inch LCD color display. An Additional Acrylic toolbox with Led is also the main height of IMIK3DP.

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