Water Level Controller (Sardine)

3,500.00 3,200.00

Want to protect your motor from damage? IMIK Technology presents a Fully Automatic Water Level Controller with LED Indicator which is mainly used for preventing the overflow of Overhead tanks. Float switches are used to sense the water level at the Overhead tank and underground Sump. Suitable for 1phase, up to 3HP Motor. There are two modes of operation of this controller unit- a) Automatic Mode and b) Manual Mode. In Automatic mode, the motor will be switched ON automatically if the overhead tank is empty and switched OFF once the tank becomes full. Also in this mode if the Sump is empty then the Motor will not be switched ON, this will prevent the Dry Run condition of the motor. The main benefit of this controller unit is that no manpower is required to check the availability of water in the Sump and check the overflow of water in the tank. This unit consists of an In-built relay, which supports up to 3Hp Motor. External Switch or Contactor is not necessary. Manual ON/OFF OF the motor can be done via control Switch. The main advantage of this controller unit is that it’s easy to install and there is no maintenance required.

  • Ergonomically Designed Fully Automatic Water Level Controller With LED Indicator Were Led Is Used To Indicate Power On, Tank Full, Sump Empty And Motor ON status.
  • Float Switch Is Used To Sense The Water Level At Over Head Tank As Well As Under Ground Sump.
  • This Unit Is Suitable For 1phase Motor.
  • Control Unit Consists Of An Inbuilt Relay Which Supports Up To 3HP.
  • No Man Power Is Required To Check The Availability Of Water In Sump And Overflow Of Water In The tank.


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