iMOS Starter-Marlin

2,500.00 2,250.00

Marlin Unit is an product which is manufactured by IMIK Technologies. This Organisation was established in 2007. They aim on providing reliable and robust customized embedded products using easily available components in the market for various sectors which include the Industrial Automation, Robotics, Agriculture, Automotive, Textile, and Defense sector. They are also engaged in providing a complete solution for developing prototypes using 3D printing technology. Starter is very important when protection of a motor is taken into consideration. It’s a Compatible Digital Controller Unit for 3PH/2PH DOL Starters . This Controller Unit has been made user friendly by operating it in two modes Auto mode and Manual mode. The main agenda to develop this unit is to protect the motor from Dry Run Condition, Overloading , Phase Sequencing and High/Low/Different Voltage Failures. In Auto Mode the on/OFF operation is done via cyclic timer. According to the user the auto start time and delta time(Dt) can be modified.2PH enable/disable option is also available. Also there is an option to operate in manual mode. This Unit can be integrated with Float Switch which can be disabled/enabled according to our requirement.

  • Ergonomically Designed Fully Automatic 3Phase Dry Run Preventer .
  • 3 Phase Line Voltage And Load Current With Single CT Is Measured And Displayed.
  • Auto And Manual Mode Of Operation With Precision Of Voltage And Current Measured every one sec.
  • One Stop Solution for Dry Run Condition,Overloading,Phase Sequence Identification And High/Low/Different Voltage Failures Of The Motor
  • Can Be Connected With Float Switch For Level Based Motor ON/OFF.


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