iMOS Digital Counter

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iMOS Starter Digital Counter Unit is manufactured by IMIK Technologies. This Organisation was established in 2007. They aim on providing reliable and robust customized embedded products using easily available components in the market for various sectors which include the Industrial Automation, Robotics, Agriculture, Automotive, Textile, and Defense sector. They are also engaged in providing a complete solution for developing prototypes using 3D printing technology. Counter Unit can be integrated with any electronic device for automatic switching of any Embedded applications like Alarm Clock, Car Parking, Hospitals, Banks, Supermarkets, etc. This digital counter unit can be programmed with analog input and digital input. It’s made user friendly by monitoring the number of events occurring. THE manual ON/OFF switch is responsible for switching ON/OFF of the device. Counter ON condition is indicated by led and display is via 5 7-segments. It has designed with in-built of 2 counter logics where the time interval varies from 0.1-5V for digital and 0-999 counts for analog input. This unit operates in 1PH/240V AC supply.

  • Ergonomically Designed Digital Counter Unit Which Operates In 1PH With 230V AC.
  • Manual ON/OFF Switch Is Responsible For Switching ON/OFF Of The Device. Counter ON Condition Is Indicated By Led And Display Is Via 5 7-Segments.
  • It Has A Built-In Of 2 Counter logic Were Analog And Digital Inputs Can Be Provided. The Counter Interval For Analog Varies From 0.1-5V And For Digital Varies From 0-999 Counts.
  • Package Includes iMOS Starter digital Counter Unit And Instruction Manual. Please Read The Instruction Manual before Installing.


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